Escort Service QR FAIL

Today we have a special treat all the way from Las Vegas! This beauty is printed right on this “gentleman’s” t-shirt and is advertising one of the many ways you can sin in Vegas. It was sent in by one of our managers who was visiting Vegas on a business trip. “Thankfully the code appeared to not work on iPhone or Blackberry,” they told us! I assume you can scan the code to add your chosen escort to the shopping cart? Kinda like Amazon, but with hookers? Either way the site is very NSFW. FAIL FAIL FAIL!

Hot Dog QR Fail

This one is from a local business we happen to love, so we can’t be too harsh. We hear a so called “marketing expert” helped them create it. We’ll blame them, not the business owner. If you are this so called expert, you should be ashamed of yourself. You are terrible at your job! Please go jump off a cliff. FAIL FAIL FAIL.


Facebook QR Fail

Facebook thought it would be cool to put a QR code on their roof. Seriously Mark, is this your idea of being cool and edgy? Or did your Management Consultants demand it so it looks like you are with the times. Guess what, you’re not! As of today (March 26) it doesn’t even lead to anything other than a “coming soon” page. How will people scan this? Find it using Google Earth and then pull out their phone to scan the screen, or attempt to scan it while in the upright, facing forward position of their flight (where their phone should be turned on in the first place.) Seriously? FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!